1997 Suzuki TL1000S Photos

A red and a green TL in the Palouse country of Eastern Washington. These two bikes are entries 00136 (green) and 00440 (red) in the Suzuki TL1000S Registry.
Same two TLs, one with Two Brothers oval aluminum exhaust cans, and one with a Two Brothers full system, stainless headers into two oval carbon fiber cans on the right side. The red bike has a number of other mods, including solid footpegs, painted/polished wheels, truncated tail section, etc.
Close up of the Two Brothers 2-into-1-into-2-on-one-side system, showing the loss of use of the passenger footpeg. This is the first set delivered, and the carbon fiber is discoloring from the heat near the flange. The system installs cleanly in 1/2 an hour and sounds awesome, if a bit loud.

(I intend to digitize the sounds of these two exhaust systems, plus a stock bike if I can find one, and hope to have the sound clips online here in a week or two)
H. Marc Lewis