NMRA Test & Tune Day - Feb 24th
Pat's Acres, Canby, OR

Team Spawn Race Report

After predictions of rain all week, Saturday was sunny and warm! Jaminaz, Taylor, Larry and I convoyed to
the track and I set to breaking in my newly-assembled 50 Superbike, waking Spawn and Scyther from their
winter's sleep in between heat cycles, while Jaminaz used Zephyr for the New Rider Clinic. The hardest thing
was going slow, but I surely didn't want to blow up my new motor...Bill and Seth weren't so lucky as each seized
a piston, ouch. Ron and Team Omzig were there in force, as was Ralph and Time Bandits and several others!
Sixteen bikes altogether, I think! Great showing for a test day! Ron's and Darrin's GP bikes are radically
fast, and everyone was looking good on the track - my new bike ran smoooth, and I got in all but the final heat
cycle on the break-in! Everything is looking great for next weekend's season opener, pray for Sun!

My 2000 80GP trophy!                              Team Spawn bikes and Larry's NSR

Couldn't ask for a nicer day!

Team Omzig bikes

Jen and Erich

There were problems...Frank and Darrin help work on Bill's seized YSR

Seth's piston seized hard, ouch!

Time Bandits Ralph and Ryan

Jen at speed

Havoc breaking in the new 50 Superbike

Erich and Darrin on the ultrafast GP bikes

Erich's a blur!


It was very hard to hold back as I heat-cycled the piston...

Jaminaz and Jen

Uh-oh! Look out!

Ralph and Erich

Slowly we turn...(me anyway)


Many thanks to Taylor Clark for these pictures!

Ron's Photos