NMRA Season Opener - 9-10 March 2002
Pat's Acres, Canby OR

          Team Spawn Race Report

                Keeping the 5 P's in mind, I had got the YSR50 back together after a new
                Calamari rebuild, and the motor broken in two weeks ago, back to a Yamaha
                2nd-over piston as the Wiesco hex bit me last year, o well. Maybe this
                will be the year my 50 doesn't break or blow up, we'll see..
                Got to the track Saturday just as they were opening up, and started the
                day with a looong session on the YSR as there weren't any karts in the
                queue yet, and felt really good, the bike ran great!

                Next session I took out the MH and continued to adjust to the major
                difference in riding style required - even with 2/3 of the radiator taped
                it took several laps to warm up to temperature, and the tires never really
                got up to temp all day, despite some vigouous practice. Everything ran
                fine and I'm getting the hang of it more and more each session!
                I took it out again the next two sessions, but was disappointed Ron wasn't
                able to get his MH going, and no other Formula 80 pilots there. The last
                session on the MH I was alone on the track the whole time!
                For my last session of the day I took the YSR back out and had a good dice
                with Ron on his XR with its spiffy new rims, easily the funnest ride of the day!

                Sunday was pissing rain, but I'd spent (too much) time the nite before
                convincing myself to enter anyway, skip the qualifying and heats if
                necessary and run the YSR in both classes in the main if it was still
                raining, but when I got to the track the others had cancelled out, so
                I turned around and made it home in time to watch Daytona on the tube!
                I can't say I was disappointed as I hate the rain, but it would have
                been nice if more people had showed!

                Two  Aussie ? guys on Triumph Daytonas showed up to spectate on Saturday
                and surmised my identity from my number plates (H23), but I forget their
                names. Thanks for coming!

                Next race is two weeks away, be there!

Entrance to Turn 2

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

Photos by Keith Underdahl using my crappy camera - thanks Keith!

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