WMRRA Round 4
Bremerton Raceway
13 June 1999

Photos by Jenner

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 11:53:55 -0700 (PDT)
From: havoc23 <carcosa@eskimo.com>
To: NW-YSR <nw-ysr@micapeak.com>
Subject: [YSR] Bremerton, 13 June

I was feeling kind of discouraged on the drive to Bremerton Raceway
yesterday morning...so many YSRs in the area, so little participation...

Still, once there, the SuperTT follies were enough to cheer me up, that is
a definitely nutso series! Kudos to WMRRA for bringing it back again this

The clouds burned off and it turned into a scorcher, what, 90 degrees? I
set up a practice course on the back access road and sorted out Pikachu,
(YSR50) which for the moment was running fine, having crapped out on
Briggs last time at SIR...more in a minute...
Next I tried to fire up Spawn, (YZR80) and was rewarded by a spew, (not a
spit, not a trickle), a spew of fuel out the exhaust pipe! Can you say
"kill switch"!? A little known fact is that on old stock YSR fuel petcocks,
you can turn them horizontally the wrong way and it will stay open...don't
ask me why, its a hardware problem...anyway, I had cleverly turned
the gas "off" the night before in the wrong position and _filled_ the
pipe with fuel as a result, oboy. After draining it out and letting it sit
a while, restarted it up, vroom! Ok!

As ever I went around and shanghied "volunteers" for help, thanks to Jack
Tavares for flagging, kd, Kitty, TXD and Brittany for cornerworking, and
especially Pete Neilson for setting the far end of the course as well as
cornerworking and lending his bike to Amrita Ibolds! Jenner took more
photos, which should appear on the website soon, thanks dude!!

As for weeks I had been told there would be extra time for YSR's, and the
flyer cleverly read "YSR racing -200 laps" we ran two 10-lap sprints,
which after the first one I had to practically fight to run the second as
"the schedule was behind". Come on guys, it only takes minutes to run
these YSR races, I have enough trouble getting people to come out (and
pay) to do it at all, it sucks being the sacrificial lamb! </rant>

The grid consisted of myself on Pikachu, Jim Broglio on Spawn, Derek Grove
(YSR50), Amrita Ibolds on Pete's YSR80, and Ted Abernathy on a ??
mini-dirt bike! Got a good start, but my motor finally wore out, and
lost all compression before halfway through...o well, new top end before
Wenatchee! Jim and Derek battled it out the whole race, and Jack almost
whacked Jim on the head with the checkered flag at the finish! Amrita
_really_ was hanging it out, and got caught out by the slick transition
in the apex of the big sweeper nearest the pits, but jumped back on to

Second sprint I took over on Spawn, and got another clean start! I think
Derek must have got held up at a corner as I expected to be passed any
moment, but he stayed a few bikelengths back and i held it for first,
whee! The YZ80 motor is finally sorted out and really ran well, wish there
had been more out there, this was a nice technical track layout and mucho
fun!  Amrita repeated her performance, same spot, and with a flamboyant
bow to the spectators earned their cheers and admiration - you go, girl!

I was _very_ glad I'd brought the yellow-hello-kitty umbrella that Jim &
Keri got me for Pikachu as the sun was merciless and I'd have burned
without it...also a small child came up and pointed at it, saying
"Pikachu!", heh!

All in all an excelent time, though a bigger field would be nice, there
are easily a dozen woosers out there that never race, what's with that?
That's why I want to give Pete extra recognition for bringing his out and
lending it, thanks again Pete!

Next stop SIR next weekend!