WMRRA Round 3
SIR May 22, 1999
photos by "Jenner" <jenner29@hotmail.com>

Havoc leads Dave and Bret into Bus Stop

...but not for long...here Dave takes advantage of  my bogged shift...

...Bret about to do the same...


Dave Murray

Bret Cason

Briggs Willoughby

Here he comes...

...and there he goes! I think the _seat_ on Bret's bike is only there for show!

Sarah's smile says it all!

Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 22:08:46 -0700
From: havoc23 <carcosa@eskimo.com>
Reply-To: nw-ysr@micapeak.com
To: Northwest YSR-50 Enthusiasts <nw-ysr@micapeak.com>
Subject: YSR Race report - SIR 5/22

Today turned out to be a good day-at-the-races, though not a lot of people
showed up, possibly due to the change to Saturday, or people out enjoying
the unusual (warm, sunny) weather!

I showed up midmorning and poked around, the track didn't need any
cleaning, so I spent the time visiting other racers and futzing with
Spawn (YZR80) and Pikachu (YSR50) while waiting for lunchtime to roll
around...the sidecar circus was in town and what a show! Seriously
deranged individuals, looks like a blast!

Jerome Steed and his son showed up, and we went around meeting some
"key" figures, as he will be running the June20 SIR date in my absence.
As usual I wandered around getting people to "volunteer" to help with
flagging etc., Pete Neilson was our flagger, Scott Avery ran timing and
scoring, (I'm curious what the lap times looked like!), Jack Tavares
cornerworked, and Jenner was out "personal photographer" again, can't
wait to see the pics!

Our grid consisted of me, Dave Murray, Bret Cason, Seth Laforge, and
Briggs Willoughby taking a guest ride on Pikachu! At least a couple others
I had expected to see didn't show, nor the two preregistrees, so I still
wonder if the switch from Sunday caught people out...?

We had a short practice, and as I came around through BusStop my exhaust
tone changed...I look down, where's my exhaust canister?! Broke off at the
connecting pipe! Sheesh. With it went what little low end the bike had,
which became my downfall soon enough...

We gridded, and Pete sent us off in fine fashion - for the second time in
a row (!) I got a decent start, and after jockeying for the first turn I
was leading! This lasted as far as the chicane we put between Turn 9 and
Bus Stop, where I let the revs get too low and the motor bogged. Damn!
Bret and Dave got by me there, and I spent the next several laps watching
them pull slowly away, those boys sure can ride! I continued to have
trouble in Bus Stop, but finally got the hang of holding the throttle open
in 3rd and clutching through, which helped a lot, though too late...Seth
and Briggs ended up with mechanical problems, Pikachu is still variable
in its performance and I suspect a partial seize at this point, it did the
same thing in Spokane...hope you had fun trying it out though, Briggs!

That's the way things finished out, so I took third behind Bret and Dave.
I was _way_ tired to start with, work has been particularly bad lately and
my neck had a crick that felt like a knitting needle had been
strategically inserted...but, at the end of the race, most of the pain was
gone! Better than chiropractic!

Thanks again to WMRRA and everyone that comes out and helps support our
sport! Next stop Bremerton, June 12-13! This is also NRC and Super TT
weekend, see you there!


Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 18:18:51 -0700
From: Scott Avery <scottav@microsoft.com>
To: "'wetleather@micapeak.com'" <wetleather@micapeak.com>
Subject: RE: YSR Race report - SIR 5/22

>flagging etc., Pete Neilson was our flagger, Scott Avery ran timing and
>scoring, (I'm curious what the lap times looked like!), Jack Tavares

My computer system is setup to handle a max of five riders.  Due to some
operator error I occasionally hit the wrong button and clocked the wrong
rider.  I've averaged the times of that rider so that overall it's more
consistent.  Times that are averaged don't have significant digits beyond

Racer     H23     Briggs   Dave Murray  00        Seth
Lap 1     42.840  43.500   42.460     48.440  44.710
Lap 2     40.320  44.880   37.680     34.000  39.330
Lap 3     39.870  42.290   38.500     38.180  39.930
Lap 4     39.220  42.020   38.060     39.210  39.760
Lap 5     39.000  42.000   38.070     39.440  40.760
Lap 6     39.000  42.000   38.550     37.680  39.270
Lap 7     39.600  42.340   38.400     38.010  40.150
Lap 8     39.770           38.660     38.500  58.830
Lap 9     39.760           38.510     38.060
Lap 10  39.820           38.280     37.630
Lap 11  39.490           38.230     37.460
Lap 12  40.870           39.270     37.400
Lap 13  39.160           38.340     38.390
Lap 14  38.830           38.340     37.960
Lap 15  39.930           38.940     37.950

Hopefully, this looks reasonably decent.  I also have the Excel
spreadsheet if someone wants that, but I won't send it to the list.
There I have a graph that shows how far behind the leader each bike is
on each lap.  It's useful because you can tell at a glance that 00 got a bad
start but then started reeling in Dave Murray?) until lap 3.  Then Dave pulled
away for a couple of laps before the mighty 00 started to slowly reel him in again
until lap 12 where he made a pass.

Scott Avery
93 900SS, 98 VFR 800, 94 KTM 250 E/XC
My opinions are my own and don't represent those of Microsoft