PCYC  Round Two
F440, Tsawassen BC
16 Apr 2000

Team Spawn Race Report

Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 19:46:40 -0700
From: havoc23 <carcosa@eskimo.com>
Reply-To: nw-ysr@micapeak.com
To: Northwest YSR-50 Enthusiasts <nw-ysr@micapeak.com>
Subject: [YSR] Team Spawn Race Report 4/16/00, Tsawassen B.C.

PCYC Round Two - F440 track

Not much of a report this time, I grogged up as early as I could stand,
having driven the _other_ direction to Vancouver, WA and back the nite
before for Martin's Fish Fry...I _had_ to go though, as I was ferrying
Keri's ex-YSR to its new owner, Peter...bad enough I'm smuggling a wusser
across the border but I realize as I pull up to the checkpoint that I
didn't remove the _other_ contraband item from the glove box, oops. They
bought my lies though, so I passed through without incident...

Pulled in to the track at 10am on the nose, just as they opened it for
practice! Delivered Peter's new bike and got Zephyr (Mod50) back from
Roland, who sorted my carb problem - jumped onto the track without more
than a how-do-you-do, and got in some good laps before it blew a crank
seal and proceded to suck oil into the cylinder, laying down a good
smokescreen and effectively fouling the plugs bad enough to not make
continuing worthwhile. Pfft. Back to the workbench.

However, due to MiG's generosity, I still got in some racing, as she lent
me _her_ bike for the Stock80/Mod50 races! Thank you _so_ much!
Nothing like getting on a YSR with stock suspension (read: "lack of")
and street tires to make a quick believer of you, the back end had this
tendancy to step out abruptly, sort of like the Dunlop K81 experience,
except _they_ stuck like glue once laid over...the YSR tires just
wanted to lowside me, which made me _really_ wary in the corners, as the
last thing I wanted to do was wreck on a borrowed bike, so I just had fun
winging around the course, not worrying about position.
Good to see Monica get back on the horse that threw her, we hung out
at the back for a while before she sped up and left me far behind...
Great racing in all classes, with what, 2 dozen riders there?

 Oogh, 7 hours on the road for 3 hours of YSR racing...WORTH IT!
Sunday traffic !sucks! and there was another 90-min wait at the border,
good thing I have a stereo in the van...

Next stop is this coming Saturday at Pat's Acres for Round 3 of
the NMRA series, be there!!

Anyone have photos? Want them posted here? Mail me!