Pacific Coast YSR Club
Round 4, Lansdowne B.C. 5-28-2000


Team Spawn Race Report

Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 14:05:33 -0700
From: havoc23 <>
To: Northwest YSR-50 Enthusiasts <>
Subject: Team Spawn Race Report - Lansdowne, BC 5/28/00

The guard at the border crossing said it all, as the rain poured down - "You must be hardcore to drive up here to race in this!" I replied, "Nah, just crazy...I brought spare bodywork to crash with!"

By the time things got started though, I didn't need it, the course was dry except for some puddles, which soon evaporated. So too, did my hope of finally racing my Mod50 though, as it started making strange and expensive-
sounding noises during practice, so once again back to the shop...*sigh*.

Luckily, PCYC lets you race down in class (just doesn't count for points), so I still got in a full day of racing on
Scyther, and really benefitted from riding mid-pack in Mod50 and Stock80 as I need all the practice I can get
with cornering and racing close, as I'm still not as confident with the new bike as I'd like...

In the OpenGP race I got a great start, but was caught out by the flag and hadn't put my visor down yet - bad
news, as before we even got to the first corner some grit flew in my right eye! Jonathan Feather, #67 probably
was going "WTF??!!" as he followed me all gangbusters into the corner only to have me throw out the anchor
as I was trying to see, and half the field went around the outside...o well. Squinting and blinking, I managed to
hold my own after that, and had a fantastic race with some Zen-like moments when everything clicked as we made up a tight 4-5 bike train - some decidedly un-Zenlike moments, too, like when I went off-track and hideously cut off Darrin as we all went around backmarkers (sorry). I love the tight racing that this club is famous for, and the parking lot course only seems to amplify that!

Next race is with NMRA, June 17-18 at Pat's Acres, be there or be [ ]!