Pacific Coast YSR Club
Round 5, Lansdowne B.C. 7/9/00


Team Spawn Race Report
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 16:41:54 -0700
From: havoc23 <>
To: Northwest YSR-50 Enthusiasts <>
Subject: [YSR] Team Spawn Race Report - PCYC 9 July, Lansdowne BC

After driving through various rain on the way up from Tacoma, the mantra became, "I hope it's dry!"
We hadn't been at the site for 15 minutes before a summer squall passed over, drenching the parking lot...luckily it was followed by breezes, so by the time cones were set up all was dry except for a few puddles...

I raced in all 4 classes this time, having gotten Zephyr back from Roland with its crank rebuild and a new piston. This is the motor that, after a crank "rebuild" by Motorcycle Works, _broke_ the crank after no more that _15 minutes_ of use. I'll post a separate diagnosis report later, pfft. As I had to break in the new piston I entered it in Stock 50 and tooled around...SpawnIII was entered in Mod50 and Stock80, and the redoubtable Scyther in OpenGP. Practice went well, and I followed Roland around in an attempt to actually learn some lines before the racing...

During the Mod50 heat race Jackie went off at Turn One, managing to bash the only light pole in the vicinity with his head, ouch! No lasting damage, happily...the same can't be said for Brian, though, who crashed his new RM80 beast in the same corner and broke his collarbone...ouch, ouch! Heal fast!

I placed in the middle in the 50/80 classes, kept missing shifts as I'm finally programmed for GP shifting so normal shifting is a conscious thing now, which is slowing me down...also got distracted when my friend Matt crashed poor Zephyr in the Mod50 race, no damage except ego and plastic're initiated now, heh! Got good starts in all the mains, but Spawn hasn't had any development at all yet other than unfreezing the front forks so I managed to hold my own in midpack in those, but in OpenGP I got a great start, and if I'd been bolder in the second turn might even have held second, but I blinked, and
chased Manny and Roland for third place, which I am totally jazzed about as they are way better racers...!

All in all this was some of the most fun I've had all season!
Next race next weekend in Spokane with the SuperTT date, followed by PCYC again on the 28th!