Pacific Coast YSR Club
Round 6, Lansdowne B.C. 7/30/00


Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 10:18:34 -0700
From: havoc23 <>
To: Northwest YSR-50 Enthusiasts <>
Subject: [YSR] Team Spawn Race Report - PCYC 30July, Lansdowne BC

Team Spawn Race Report

What a season! I've been in 10 YSR races so far and it's only July! And I missed two of them! I can only say I wish all those people who were so enthusiastic about YSR racing the previous two seasons that have dropped out of it were still playing, you are truly missing out!

I was _sooo_ tired Sunday morning wehen the alarm went off that I just lay there, semi-comatose, for the longest time just finding the energy to vacation only started Friday so I'm still totally spent from working too much...nevertheless, I _had_ to go as my new Mod50 motor was ready to pick up, so out I stumbled, driving Northward in a groggy haze...

Arrived at Lansdowne Mall around 0915, as the PCYC folks were setting up a "short course" in the far corner lot, as the usual spot was taken by a riceboy-car convention...hmmm...wonder what NOS would do to a wusser...
Anyway, the course was _very_ tight, so much so that for the first two heats the scorers couldn't keep track, the bikes came around so quickly! But, almost all right-hand turns! Unlike many I talk to, I _like_ righthanders, so this was a welcome change! I got SpawnIII totally sideways in practice, and hurt my foot a little saving it, but otherwise I felt pretty good, if somewhat in a daze.

The Mod50 heat was unremarkable, Spawn is still really Squido's old bike completely undeveloped, so the gearing was _way_ too tall as this course was really tight. Finished at the back somewhere. In Stock80 I had some great shoulder-bashing moments with Jonathan #67 going into the first corner, otherwise basically same result as the previous race, but still a
great time!
For OpenGP however, the club managed to get the lot guards to let us open the course up into the adjoining lot, with a scary chicane between the curbs between the two lots. This added four turns and doubled the straightaway, which was right up Scyther's alley - I got a killer start in the heat and raged into the first turn in the lead, and held it the
whole way, woo hoo! Great feeling! I could hardly believe it.

After a short lunch I decided to drop out of Stock80, I was so tired and beat...the Mod50 race was for me a repeat of the heat, but got some great tight racing in there in one point early on I think it was Manny up in front of me that got totally crossed up on the paint stripes in the "chicane" pedestrian crossing, great recovery, whew!

The Stock80 race was very tight, lots of close racing there! I was glad I sat it out as I was still pooped when it came time for OpenGP, but psyched, as I was starting on the pole! I got a slow start, and thinking back I think I started in second gear, doh! Still, I dove into the lead just before the first turn, with Roland and Manny and Jonathan right on my rear wheel - I expected to be passed any second as I parked it in each turn, and there were a few "creative" lines taken as Roland & I battled it
out, so maybe I wasn't paying attention as the white flag came out as I didn't see it, the checker was a total surprise! Woo-hoo! I won! And no giveaway, either, Roland really pulled out all the stops trying to get by! I _love_ racing up here, the Canadians are great racers and crazy, each and every one!

It was a great ego-boost to do so well, it will help bolster me as I get thoroughly spanked by folks like Rich, Frank, and the TCR crew next weekend...

Three days of YSR racing at Pat's Acres!!
If you have a YSR or have even _thought_ about racing one come out and play!! This will be _the_ premiere event of the season, skip work, call in sick, whatever it takes, but don't miss out!!