NMRA Round Three - Canby, OR
21-22  April  2001

Saturday Practice pics
Sunday Heat Races
Team Spawn practice pics
Ron's race report and pics

Team Spawn Race Report

Saturday looked promising with blue skies and warm dry weather...practice went well, and I
alternated sessions between the 50 and the 80, getting a better handle on the changed shifting
points from my gearing changes and generally having a good time!
Sunday, however, brought more of the same wet weather we've been plagued with after a dry
practice, bah.  My riding was off all morning, and I had a _big_ bobble in practice at the end of
the straight on the 80, due to a lapse in concentration...plus, the zipper on my 2-piece leathers
broke, and I had to zip-tie them together, sheesh. Then, in 50GP qualifying, my exhaust pipe
broke on my second lap, right at the weld holding the can on...still qualified fast enough for second
row, at least! I never felt "on" for the 80GP qualifier, but still made second row there, too.
Then the rain came. I cludged together an old RM can onto the broken pipe, but really almost went
home, I was discouraged and not wanting to ride in the rain again. SpawnIII , rain-and-crashbike
of choice, was still sidelined with throttle problems so I was leery about using the good bikes in the
rain when I felt so punk. Still, I'd paid the entry fees, and it was a double-points race  so I stuck it out,
though with misgivings. The 50GP heat was a slippery mess, but I managed to hold my own and place
on the second row again for the main, same with the 80GP heat, though I was actually probably _slower_
on the 80, as the motor is great when you romp on it, but sputters and sucks when trying to feather the
throttle in the wet.  In the 50 main, I got a good start, and kept it upright as bikes went flying in another wet-crashfest - actually got as high as second, but Ted Foster finally got around me with a ballsy outbraking
pass at the end of the straight and I ended up third...first podium spot of the season!
The 80 main was much the same, but I sputtered on to finish fourth through sheer tenacity as each
time I tried to speed up in the corners the rear end would try to kick out under power so I just wussed
it. Still, the mains were fun, and I was glad I stayed, but this rain thing has gotten totally old!
See www.ysrracing.com for the results and standings.