Bremerton Raceway
14 June 1998
WMRRA Round 4

Pete Neilson flagging - thanks Pete!

Havoc, Charles, Trip, Ralph, Wendy at the start






Thanks to Gen Quale for photographing!
As ever, these were with my cheezy pocket camera...
More photos!
Phil's photos

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Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998
To: Northwest YSR-50 Enthusiasts
Subject: Bremerton YSR report

Sunday we woke up to a chilly, grey day - I thought this was June, not February! I was really tired from the day before's activities, first the poodle-invasion of Rosehedge by Martin and Carol, then the fantastic housewarming party at John & Kathryn Jennings' new place, hot tub and all, but Wendy was full of life and convinced me to rouse myself and head out to Bremerton...we drove around rather than take the ferry, and I kept us amused by singing old '70s hits on the way, whee!
Bremerton is an interesting raceway, being an airstrip, all the more so with the addition of the Super TT course this time! Looks like a gas! Need longer forks to do it on a YSR methinks though...
Charles, Trippy and Ralph were already there, and set up a nice slalom course with cones for practice on a side runway...I'd determined that this time I'd just come to play, and had delegated all the tasks to other folks - thanks everyone for pitching in!
Pete Neilson helped lay out the course, and flagged for us, having blown up his 80 in Canada the week before, thanks Pete! This left me as the only 80 there, though, as Tyler opted for lunch, having been TT'ing all day and no others had showed. Bruce Bille on his vintage MB100 rounded out the field of six entrants.
I finally got a decent start, though I had a hard time keeping the front end down, and really fell into the groove this time... sure wish there'd been other 80's to follow, but I felt good and really whipped around, only almost lost it once when I overcooked it into the back corner, but saved it somehow, yikes! There was a fair amount of rubber laid down and I really hooked up on the corners this time, this was fun!
Gen Quale snapped some photos with my cheezy camera, see them at Phil Kopp got some great shots with his digital camera, look for them soon at Phil's Place!

Thanks again to everyone that pitched in and made it happen, next stop Wenatchee and the Can-Ams in two weeks!