Pit Row

Jim Broglio and Keri 'TFMK' Grassl

Spawn of C'thulu Racing Stable

What's Phil Kopp smiling at?

Why, Wendy Dahl of course!

Les Criess, WMRRA Tech Inspector, checks out Spawn as Havoc23 observes.

Tyler Sandell's 80GP with spiffy new paint!

Gen Quale and Mike Lovatt "adjust" Duncan Smith's bike...

Jim and Keri with Vicious YSR

Bill 'Trip" Nolan with the Universal Tool.

Dahlface and TFMK(tm)

Christian 'Squido' Owens, Dan Duncalf and Dave Murray at the Rider's Meeting

"They're multiplying!"

Trip changing tires on Rosebud

Keri and 'Cesca stare in wonder at...?

Ah, the mighty Squido of course!

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