WMRRA  Round  3
May 30-31 1998
Seattle International Raceway

Havoc and Wendy in the Spawn of C'Thulu pits

'cesca prepares for battle!

Trippy inspects Spawn while 'cesca and Wendy strategize

Saturday clinic/practice in front of the tower -Raplh Redding, havoc, Charles Clinton

Jim Broglio, havoc, Ralph, Charles, Wendy

Raceday! Mike Wiggens, Tyler Sandell, Pete Neilsen (80GP winner) in BusStop

Eto Tady on NSR-50 , Charles Clinton

Kevin Schaffer (50GP winner)

Dave Murray

Havoc, Bruce Bille, Jim Broglio, Ralph Redding

Jim Broglio, Trip Nolan

Dave Murray, Wendy Dahl, Charles Clinton

Thanks to John Jennings for photographing!
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Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 15:00:49
From: havoc23
Subject: Spawn of C'thulu Race Report - SIR May 30-31

Friday afternoon my truck died while doing errands so I ended up walking home instead of getting anything done...Wendy had to drive down to Tacoma to get me, so we were up too late finishing the prep on the bikes...
Saturday dawned grey and drizzly, but we saddled up and headed out to SIR in hopes of the clearing the weather guy promised... Thanks to Charles Clinton for transporting one of my bikes both days! I figured if it rained, I'd ride the 50, as I'm still way behind the learning curve on Spawn, now an 80GP...
Once at the track we settled in next to Team WL and Vicious Cycle pits, and generally tried to get organized again. The schedule was 'way behind, but Bryan Bailey, the Race Director, said we would still be able to squeeze in the clinic during an abbreviated lunch! Wendy, 'cesca, Ralph and Cynthia went over and cleared off the drag- staging area and brought over cones (thanks guys!) while I worked tech and registration.
Jim Broglio as ever was doing eight things at once, where does that energy come from? The weather seemed like it would hold, so I lent him my 50 for the weekend...
Clinic was very short, maybe 20 minutes, and after Wendy took a spill, I was distracted enough to not do much but motor around. This became the theme for the weekend for me...during practice Tyler came over and showed me the infield layout, which would add several turns to the course, but all the pavement was covered with gravel and debris - it will take a lot of work to clean this off enough to make this an acceptable racing surface, maybe next time if there is demand, and volunteers to clean it ahead of time. The corner workers weren't big on our doing this during the racing, either, so with two SIR dates left, if people want the infield they will have to come out early or stay late to do the work to prep it.
After clinic was over we headed home to ice Wendy's knees and repair Zephyr...a sticky throttle had precipitated the spill, so that took precedence, and I went over everything else, no real damage otherwise. The sun finally came out, and we enjoyed a quiet evening at Rosehedge.
Raceday arrived, and with it the sun! (Too hot for my tastes, but as an ex-Troglodyte I am in a minority here). Things got busy the at the track the minute we unloaded, what with lots of people showing up to register and tech, right up till the last minute...quite a variety of bikes, several 80GP's, a Honda NSR-50 (!), a Suzuki mini-GXR, as well as Ralph's MB5 and Bruce Bille's vintage MB100! Over 15 entries!
The schedule was delayed but again Bryan assured me we would run! Thanks to everyone at WMRRA for their continued support of the mini- racing!
It got very hectic right before we got started, with last-minute tech inspections, getting hold of the flags, and coordinating the volunteers - thanks to everyone who offered help! Waiting to go onto the track, we weren't allowed onto the infield until the Taste of Racing was pre-gridded, which increased the confusion factor considerably...it takes all of a minute to get the YSR's into the infield, next time we REALLY need to get out there before TOR pre- grids!
By this time I was already overheated, Jim B. went to find the flags, which Sparky brought over for Squido, who did the honors. A last-minute attempt at scoring was made, with somewhat muddled results...thanks for trying though! Everyone was warming up their bikes in the staging area while I hid in the shade...TOR wound up and we got out on our warmup laps, but I was again distracted what with a bike in the corner under the bleachers being worked on, fixed at the last second...
A couple riders rolled their eyes at my injunction to "Get up right away" if they crashed and were unhurt, but my flagger had instructions to red-flag the event if it seemed anyone was hurt, so deal with it, we are doing this for fun and entertainment, and safety comes first.
I had my usual crappy start, and though I'd tried to get centered in the last minutes before the race, my psyche was still all scattered and it reflected in my ride. Managed to almost run Dave Murray into the dirt at Bus Stop, but he recovered admirably! Toward the last laps I finally almost got in the groove, but then it was over...
Highlights: Jim B. safety-wiring his nipple rings, and 'cesca's exhilaration at finishing her first race!
Lowlights: Being in charge is almost too distracting to have any fun; Waving Yellow flag means NO PASSING; general confusion.
There are pictures at: http://www.ironhorse.com/~cac/sir2.html -Thanks to Charles for the bandwidth, and John Jennings for photographing! Also, thanks to everybody who helped out, lent us equipment, and came out to cheer us on!
Finally, thanks again to everyone in WMRRA who have supported YSR racing again this year!