Sunday 3-Hour Endurance Race
Photos by Ron West, edited by Havoc
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 Sunday morning...

The grid

Uh-oh! Mecanical problems plague Team Spooge early on

Seth LaForge #333 (or is it?)

Blackbear of Team Spooge

Blackbear behind Mike Brown #117

Havoc on #303


Rider change!

Havoc and Rick Coviello

Mike Lovett on #00

Duncan Smith? on #8

Ron west and Havoc

Team Omzig

Danny, Pat Dowd, Frank Shuck, Russ Foy, Ron West

Russ Foy exiting pits

Russ Foy

Pat Dowd heads onto the track

Pat Dowd

Russ Foy

Ron West heads out

Frank Shuck