R1100GS Fusebox Inlay

R1100GS Fusebox Inlay


  1. Print this page.
  2. Cut around outer edge of diagram and fold in middle down vertical black line.
  3. If possible, protect by enclosing in clear plastic. For example cover in self-adhesive plastic or laminate. Alternatively insert in a suitable thin clear plastic wrapper e.g. from a personal organizer add-in.
  4. Place under fusebox lid and forget until/if required.


  1. Coverage
    The diagram applies to the following BMW motorcycles. It also applies to other models with small modifications.
    Fuse 3 remove RID and add clock.
    Fuse 2 add backlights for clock and tacho.

    R850/1100RT (non-police) models

    Fuse 8+ blue 15A for the radio.
    Fuse 4 add windshield motor.
    Fuse 3 add second accessory socket, radio and windshield motor.

  2. Wiring Diagrams
    The wiring diagrams are not included in the BMW Workshop manual. Instead there is a separate publication available from any BMW dealer. BMW part number 01 99 9 798 708. These are black and white and have a multi-language key.
    The Haynes manual includes a color wiring diagram.

  3. Details
    The diagram includes corrections and further details not printed in the BMW Workshop manual nor the Haynes manual.
    For example it lists the individual components on each fuse circuit.
    Another example is that the BMW manual refers to the "fuel level damping" relay. More accurately this is the "fuel light damping" relay. Damping for the RID fuel gauge does not involve this relay and is performed by a microcomputer in the RID.

  4. Relay 4 Load Relief
    The load relief relay is actuated when the ignition is on and the starter button is not pressed. This means current flows to: Pushing the starter button releases the load relief relay which cuts the current to the above items.

  5. ABS Circuitry
    The bottom ABS warning light is fed through fuse 1.
    The top ABS warning light is not fused and goes through relay 8 ABS warning.
    There is another ABS relay under the tank that is directly connected to the battery and not fused!

  6. Fuse Ratings
    Some of the fuse ratings BMW specifies are odd!
    For example fuse 1 and fuse 2 both have a 15A rating but 4A would be fine.
    On the other hand fuse 7 is very close to its rating at 4A and perhaps 15A would be better.
    (Possibly down to the time-honored BMW tradition of re-using components straight from previous models without considering their usage on the new model.)

  7. Spare Bulbs
    The two empty compartments in the fusebox can be used to store spare bulbs in foam or bubble wrap. For example two turn signal and one rear bulb.
    There is not enough space for a spare headlamp bulb. However, one can be carefully fitted under the seat at the back of the tank by the battery.

  8. Hazard Warning Lights
    Two neat features that many owners do not know.

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