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Over the years, many Good People (tm) have have voluntarily contributed to the continuing maintenance and enhancement of The names shown in bold have shown particular generosity this year, or in years past. Thanks a bunch for your support, folks!

H. Marc Lewis

Contributors for 2001

A. Simone, A. M. Thompson, Alan Chalk, Alan Lyons, Alan Pickering, Alexander Thompson, Alice Treece, Allen Cooper, Andrew Johnson, Andy Hudson, Andy King, Aramel Racing, Bill Bunton, Bill Heckel, Bill Johns, Bill Osburne, Bill Schleusner, Bob Actis, Brad Bowen, Brian Poppe, Brian Schieber, Bryson Bennett, Burt Lamborn, Carl Nightengale, Charles Croucher, Chris Collins, Chris Cosentino, Chris Eklund, Christian Rein, Christina Hershberger, Christopher Edwards, Christopher Johnson, Clemens Nowak, Jr., Cobie Fair, Concours Owner's Group, Craig Stiniker, Craig Wagner, Cycle Scene Magazine, Inc., Dan Kelo, Dan Paulsen, David Lewis, David Meyers, David Morrill, David Revis, David Rolfe, David Spaulding, David Wise, District 37 Road Riders, Don Schmidt, Donald Parish, Donald Westfall, Douglas Petroskey, Dr. Hari Ahluwalia, Duane Mersereau, Ed Spilker, Ed Sumner, Ed Walsh, Edward Day, Edward Rockdale, Edwin Pigman, Eric Bergman, Eric Blume, Eric Lewis, Ernest C Fratz, Ernest Cote, Eugene Wellenstein, Francis Ferguson, Frank Camillieri, GR Wilde, Gary Grethel, Gary Murphy, Gary Wasserman, Gary White, Gene Rankin, Geo van der Merwe, George Petro, Gerald Lee, Gregory Crago, Gustavo Buhacoff, Guy Wigley, H. Troy Nicks, Hank Hallmark, Harold Hauss, Harry Swan, Harry Wong, Herbert Rettke, Ike Knigge, Jack Tavares, Jack Williams, James Bencie, James Brosman, James Franklin, James Johnson Jr., James Kuss, James Pavlis, Jan McDonald, Jane Loyless, Janice Logan, Jeff Kilinski, Jeff Wallace, Jim Brewer, Jim Calandro, Jim Miller, Joanne Savely, Joe Lanfrankie, Joe Warren, John Blatz, John Bundy, John Butler, John Coulter, John Robinson, John Thompson, Jon Sevier, Jon and Sue Diaz, Jonathan Brownell, Joseph CHace, Karl Sedlarz, Kathy Gill, Ken Howard, Kendric Fivella, Kenneth Hansen, Kenneth Knowles, Kenneth Shepard, Kevin Mahoney, Krin Byrd, Kristine Kessler, L. C. Bish, Lachlan Bastow, Laf Young, Laura Hardy, Laurence Botheras, Lindsay Harris, Lisa Sieverts, Lynford Garland, Lynn Snider, Lysle Laussade, Jr., Marco Prozzo, Marguerite Storbo, Mark Alpen, Mark Gibson, Mark Morrissey, Martin Rabb, Michael Bain, Michael Flynn, Michael Moore, Michael Nelson, Michael Peterson, Michael Stem, Michael Temple, Michael Tsao, Michael Voldahl-Corliss, Michael Wolf, Micky Curry, Mike Pecora, Mina Sandusky, Nicholas Chirikos, Nick Olson, Norvin Bennett, Ottawa-Carleton Safety Council, Patrick Sprague, Paul Flora, Paul Meredith, Paul Streeter, Pedro Afable, Peter Aronson, Peter Bonner, Peter Schinkel, Peter Treuherz, Philip Kottle, Philip Marvin, Phillip Tarman, R Pfeiff, R. C. Brewster, Randy , Randy Kremlacek, Ray Heslep, Rebecca Mayer, Rich Baxter, Richard Hill, Richard Jones, Richard McBride, Richard McDonald, Richard Struthers, Rick LeFauve, Rick Nagle, Ricky Connell, Rob Fulwell, Rob Scott, Rob Tayloe, Robert Aprato Sr., Robert Dressler, Robert Foist, Robert Rothmann, Robert Thyberg, Robert Veatch, Robert Walter, Robert Welsh, Rodger Harrison, Rodney Gingrich, Roger Bridenstine, Roger Retzke, Roland Smith, Rolland Waters, Ron Dison, Ron Paulsen, Roscoe Howard, Russell Butler, Russell Johnson, Ryan Nelson, Scott Nelson, Sean Flynn, Shawn Sexton, Sheldon Rier, Sidney Harrison, Skip Holton, Spears Racing, Spencer Farrow, Squido & 'Cesca Owens, Stephan Brown, Stephen Erf, Stephen Mustoe, Stephen Patriquen, Stephen Powers, Stev Dieringer, Steve Clark, Steve Swain, Steven Huber, Steven Morris, Thomas Fizpatrick, Thomas Mooney, Thomas O'Neill, Thomas Truempy, Timojhen Mark, Tom Drew, Tom Rolland, Tom Roper, Tracy Horstman, Troy Nicks, Truman Grandy, Tyler, Vincent Seneker, W Dale Akers, Walter Barlow, Walter Wronka, Wendy Dahl, Will Bishop, Will Guyan, William Doran, William Ravell, William Vining, and William Vining.

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      H. M. Lewis
      c/o MICAPEAK.COM
      PO Box 14755
      Spokane, WA 99214

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Or you can simply email me via marclmicapeakcom.

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