NMRA Round Three   - 22 April 2000
Pat's Acres - Canby, OR

Photos by Jonathan P.
Ron West's Report/Pics

Team Spawn Race Report

Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2000 20:59:25 -0700
From: havoc23 <carcosa@eskimo.com>
To: Northwest YSR-50 Enthusiasts <nw-ysr@micapeak.com>
Subject: [YSR] NMRA Round three, Pat's Acres 4/22/00

This race marked "The End of an Era", or, "A New Beginning" for me and YSR racing, as I've sold my YZ80 "ex-Spawn" bike and my running Mod50 and bought Tyler's TCR-prepared RM-80 superwusser! The new bike is named "Scyther", for the wicked green scythe-bladed Pokemon...not all of them are cutesy little animals...I'll find a picture of one somewhere so you see what I mean...

"SpawnIII" will emerge as a Mod50 when the new motor is finished, at which time Zephyr will be reconfigured as a stocker...

This round at Pat's was a Saturday race-only event, no practice day, and it rained hard all Friday nite, so the track was wet when we got there, and stayed that way for the first two short practices, though by the third it had dried off courtesy of the karts and the sun poking through...my mantra all day was "Don't crash my new bike..." so with the wet, I was particularly conservative in my riding, getting used to Scyther and it's completely different _everything_ from Spawn, from handling to throttle response to brakes...even so, I dropped a full second from my previous best lap time, turning a 47.419 in the heat race
catching up with Jonathan Feather from Canada on his Stock80 after I flubbed the start...great to have those guys come down, I hope it's a trend!!

Taro showed up with his streetbike and we immediately stripped it down while he was off trying on leathers so he could get out on the track...another one's hooked! Jen West tried her hand at it, too, and came away with the biggest grin...! We'll see a lot more of her on the track, too, I wager!

The clouds sprinkled on us while waiting for the main, then hovered ominously during the race, but it stayed dry, hooray! I got a decent start and held Jonathan off, though I was tired and missed a bunch of shifts...the bike runs great, though it was still geared for Wenatchee which is too tall for this track...the power-valve of the RM80 motor comes _on_ once you're up in the revs, it was hard to keep the front end on the ground coming out of the corners, I felt like a novice all over again!

Looked like there was some great dicing going on behind us, race reports please??!! Jonathan P. took some great shots of everyone, I'll have them scanned and on the website in a couple daze, along with shots of the previous race courtesy of Ralph...

Next race is with PCYC at Lansdowne on the 7th of May, see you there!