NMRA Round Four - 10-11 May '01

Photo: Ron West

Ron West's Race Report and Photos
50cc Heat Race
80cc Main

Team Spawn Race Report

Finally, a dry race day! My riding has been off the mark lately as I'm stuck at some sort of plateau,
and managed some great dices in practice, but started the 50cc main from mid-pack and ended up that
way, too! Made the front row for the 80cc race though, and got a killer holeshot when the new staging
lights turned green which lasted all the way to Turn One when both Frank and Darrin zipped inside me
like I wasn't there. I guess I was a rolling roadblock for Ron for several laps after that, when he finally
passed me with a gutsy outside move through Turn One and pulled away from there!  Finished third
behind Darrin and Frank but only as Ron retired before the end...next race June 9-10!