Team Spawn Bikes

These bikes compete in the NMRA race series:

The original "Spawn" (retired)

                   Spawn I                            Spawn II                                    Spawn III
                1987 YSR-50        1987 YSR frame w/custom bracing        1991 YSR-50
                TCR motor          '83 YZ80  watercooled motor                TCR motor & pipe
                20mm carb           Clipons, steering damper                      24mm flatslide carb
                Toomey Pipe        Alu rims, Ohlins shock                         Alu rims, clipons
                Dunlop TT90s       IRC 730s                                              IRC740s

YSRM-80 waterpumper
Suzuki RM-80 motor; Fox shock; Alu rims; EX500 front caliper
GP80 class winner 2000

1991 YSR-50 Superbike
TCR motor w/head & exhaust porting; Pro-flo pipe w/EGR sensor;
Fox Shock; Alu rims; NSR bodywork

1992 Moriwaki MH-80
Swedetech CR-80 motor; Banke tuned pipe; RS125 rims;
F2/3 front caliper/rotor; AirTech bodywork
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And new for 2003, competing in the Sounds of the Past vintage series:

"Devil Duckie"
1964 Ducati 250 narrowcase
Dual-plug 350 head; Excel rims;
Dellorto carb; custom forks & brake
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