About MicaPeak.com

I created the MicaPeak.com domain back in 1995 and put it on the World Wide Web mostly for fun, as a place from which to serve up Web pages and electronic mailing lists catering to motorcyclists around the globe.

It has grown over the years, and with the help of my friend Carl and the many folks who have contributed, it has now become somewhat of a warehouse of motorcycling information and a hub of motorcycling communication.

Please browse around, and if you want to offer suggestions for improvement, or just ask a question, click on one of the links under "The Staff" below to email either Carl or myself...

BTW -- The "micapeak" part of my domain name comes from Mica Peak, a 5,205' peak which dominates the view from the front yard of my house, just south of Spokane Valley, Washington, USA.

-- H Marc Lewis

The Staff

H. Marc Lewis

Motorcyclist, Site Owner, Webmaster, Perl/PHP hacker & CFO

Bioemail • Phone: +1 (509) 924-0093

Carl Paukstis

Mailing List & eMail Guru, SysAdmin, Official Spokesman & Policy Designer

Bioemail • Phone: +1 (509) 924-9208

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