Reference Documents

Here are some reference materials related to motorcycling, in no particular order:

M/C Mailing Lists Carl Paukstis' master list of all known M/C Electronic Mailing Lists.
M/C Camping Checklist A cool interactive, customizable checklist of stuff to take on a motorcycle camping trip.
M/C "Credit Card" Camping Checklist A customizable checklist of stuff to take on a motorcycle trip where you are packing lite...
Buying a bike Adam Glass' tips for evaluating a used motorcycle.
Winter storage Adam Glass' checklist for winterizing your motorcycle.
Tire changing Adam Glass' excellent article (and links) on changing motorcycle tires.
M/C Oil Info Ed Hackett's famous research on motorcycle oils.
T-CLOCK The MSF's checklist for making sure your motorcycle is ready to ride.
The Pace Nick Ienatsch's famous piece on group riding.
Street Riding Notes from a talk by Nick Ienatsch and Lance Holst on high-performance street riding.
Group Riding Dustin Kassman's 10 commandments for having safe and fun group motorcycle rides.
North American Racetracks A website with info about the racetracks in North America.
Havoc's medical form -- recommended info to carry in your leathers when riding.
ID Tag
John Davies' neat HOW TO on creating a compact and professional-looking medical info tag to affix to your helmet, bike, or whatever.

M/C Laws USA Laws and regulations pertaining to motorcycles, by state.
US Roads USA road conditions (all 50 states), plus weather, traffic cams, maps of the States, etc.
BC Roads [1] British Columbia Provincial Highways Roads Report.
BC Roads [2] A better BC roads Report.
Washington DOT Washington State Department of Transportation info page
Ferries Washington State Ferry Schedules (incl. Victoria, BC)
Idaho Roads With links to info for all PNW States, and Canada...
Montana Roads Neat graphics that show the actual condition of the roads on the map...
Alpine Passes Information about passes through the Alps (Europe).
Speed Laws Speed limit information for the 50 US States, as of June'07.

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