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M/C Registries Over 28,000 examples of motorcycle models are described by their owners, including accessories, problems they've had, changes they've made, and info about the owners themselves.
M/C Yellow Pages About 3,800 motorcycle-oriented businesses are listed here with phone numbers and postal addresses, arranged by category, with an interactive search capability. Viewers can submit new entries, or modify existing entries.
Photo Archive #1
Photo Archive #2
I 'inherited' several archives of motorcycle photos from the original creators when they lost their Web hosting sites. Someday, Real Soon Now™, I'll combine, reorganize, and expand them...
Mailing Lists Over 70 motorcycle-oriented electronic mailing lists are hosted here at micapeak. Each month we send/receive about 7 million messages to motorcycle fans of various sorts.
FJR1300 Website In the Spring of 2002 I created a Website devoted to the Yamaha FJR1300. It currently contains about 140mb of pages and photos.
BMW-GS Website Jean Moxhet's very popular Website devoted to the BMW GS dual-sport motorcycles of Bavaria. Covers all models and years.
M/C Shipping Information about how to ship a motorcycle from the USA to Europe, including shippers, insurance, etc. Originally written in 1993, but updated continually with current information...
Mailing List
Carl Paukstis' comprehensive list of motorcycle mailing lists. This includes all known motorcycle-oriented mailing lists, and is published periodically by Motorcycle Consumer News and Motorcycle Online.
WetLeather An online group of motorcycle enthusiasts mostly living in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and Canada. The mailing list is quite active, and the group holds get-togethers every few weeks, year 'round.
Phil Kopp Phil Kopp's Annex, where Phil (dba Phil Kopp Photography) keeps some of his photos. Many of the ones related to motorcycling anyway.
YSRs Havoc's Website devoted to Yamaha YSR racing in the Pacific Northwest. Contains schedules, race reports, and photos.
Trip Reports A somewhat dated collection of motorcycle trip reports.
Books Some turn of the century fiction with a motorcycle theme, now in the public domain, and published in full here at micapeak.
M/C Camping Checklist A cool interactive, customizable checklist of stuff to take on a motorcycle camping trip.
M/C CC Checklist A customizable checklist of stuff to take on a motorcycle trip where you are packing lite (aka Credit Card Camping)...
M/C Oil Info Ed Hackett's famous research on motorcycle oils. This is the Latest Official version, according to Ed.
T-CLOCK The MSF's checklist for making sure your motorcycle is ready to ride.
Street Riding Notes from a talk by Nick Ienatsch and Lance Holst on high-performance street riding.
Group Riding Dustin Kassman's 10 commandments for having safe and fun group motorcycle rides.
Medical Form Havoc's medical form -- recommended info to carry in your leathers when riding.
WR250F Info A Webpage of information about the Yamaha WR250F 4-stroke dirtbike.
Web Tools Simple tools for Web page development.
216 Colors If you restrict your Webpage color choices to these 216 'standard' colors, then you will get 'pure' colors (not dithered) on a standard 256-color VGA class video display. Admittedly no longer as important as it was in 1995.
Boxes sized to exact pixel dimensions on top of which you can resize another browser window to simulate how a user with a low-rez video would view your the Web pages you just put online.
HTML Characters Some special characters you can render in HTML via the ϧ meta string. Useful for when you need a ™ or a ¿ character.
Show Source A tool I whipped up to show you the HTML source of a URL. Useful for FRAME pages, or pages where your browser simply won't show you the underlying source.
viewparms A perl script I wrote to display the environment variables your browser sends to a Web server. Useful for debugging FORM objects — just point the ACTION keyword at "http://www.micapeak.com/cgi-bin/viewparms".

There's a lot more stuff here, the pages/sites listed above are simply the most popular. The whole site comprises over 4,000 Webpages and 3.9gb of images and data...

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