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YSR Racing 2003
NW Race schedules - NMRA/PCYC

NMRA Round 4 - no report
NMRA Round 3 - 13 April 03
NMRA Round Two - 23 March 03
NMRA Season Opener - 2 March 03

 Previous Years Race Reports & Photos:
YSR  2002
NMRA Round Six - 8/18/02
3rd Annual West Coast YSR Invitational - 8/2-4/02
NMRA Round Five - 6/30/02
NMRA Round Four - 5/19/02
NMRA Round Three - 4/21/02
NMRA Round Two - 3/24/02
NMRA Season Opener - 3/09/02
YSR 2001 
NMRA Season Finale - 27/28 Oct
NMRA Round Seven - 22/23 Sept 
NMRA Round Six - Aug 18/19
West Coast YSR Invitational - 27/29 July
NMRA Round Five - 9/10 June
NMRA Round Four - 10/11 May                PCYC Round Six - 26 Aug 
NMRA Round Three - 21/22 Apr                PCYC Round Four/Five - June/July
NMRA Round Two - 24/25 Mar                 PCYC Round Three- 27 May
NMRA Season Opener - 3/4 Mar                PCYC Round Two- 22 Apr
NMRA New Rider Clinic - 24 Feb               PCYC Season Opener- 25 Mar
                                                   YSR  Y2K ! 
NMRA Season Opener  3/11-12                PCYC Season Opener  3/26
NMRA Round Two     4/1-2                      PCYC F440  4/16
NMRA Round Three  4/22                        PCYC Lansdowne 5/7
NMRA Round Four    6/17-18                   PCYC Lansdowne 5/28
Spokane Super TT     7/15                         PCYC Lansdowne 7/9
West Coast YSR Invitational 8/4-6            PCYC Lansdowne 7/30
NMRA Round Five    9/9-10
WMRRA 1999
SIR- April 3-4 '99
Spokane- May 8-9 '99
SIR- May 22 '99
Bremerton- June 13 '99
SIR- June 20 '99
7th Annual Can-Am Classic
Spokane- Sept. 4-5 '99
1998 NW-YSR Newsletter
SIR 4/25-26/98
Spokane 5/9-10/98
SIR 5/30-31/98
Bremerton 6/14/98
Spokane 9/5-6/98
6th Annual Can-Am Classic
Blackbear100 Pics

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