2005 Ironbutt Rally Photos

H. Marc Lewis, 7-Sept-2005

Here are some of my photos from the '05 Ironbutt Rally. Ordinarily I'd have edited this down to just a dozen or so of the best photos. But, since most are of riders, I figured I'd include a lot more in case those riders wanted copies for themselves. If you're a member of the Ironbutt Association you have my permission in advance to make copies of any of these photos for personal (non-commercial) use.

Note: this rally was considered by many to be the hardest on record, due in part to the new requirement to acquire 60,000(?) points to be considered a finisher, even if you did show up at all the checkpoints on time. No more riding directly from checkpoint to checkpoint, getting 6-8 hours sleep in a motel every night, and winning a finisher's plaque. Fail to get the minimum required points, and it was all for naught. To their credit, 80% of the riders who left the starting line "Finished". Congratulations to you all!

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Checking in, tech inspection, waiting...


The Finish

My appologies for not taking photos at the banquet, but I wanted to focus on eating (the food was excellent!) and didn't want yet one more set of camera flashes to detract from the awards presentation.

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